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5 Top Fuel Efficiency Hacks To Optimise Mileage

Striving for better fuel efficiency is a top goal for car owners everywhere, especially for those driving high-end branded cars. Getting the best mileage isn't just about bragging rights; it's also a smart way to save money over time. But improving your car's fuel efficiency isn't just about picking the right model; it's about adopting smart driving habits and simple tricks. Whether you're in a busy city or on a long highway drive, these tips can help you use less fuel, making every journey more economical and eco-friendly. Let's explore how to boost your car's efficiency, making your drives more enjoyable and cost-effective.


Professional Driving Tips for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Smooth Driving Techniques

You must prioritise smooth acceleration and braking to maintain a consistent speed, while also being mindful of the traffic ahead to reduce the need for sudden stops. This practice ensures both safety and economy.


Minimise Vehicle Load

Reducing your car's weight can enhance its performance. Regularly clear out your trunk, remove unneeded roof racks, and carry only essential items. This straightforward strategy is effective for both compact cars like Kias and sports models like Mazda's, improving fuel economy down the line.


Tyre Pressure Optimisation

Keeping your tyres inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure is essential for lowering rolling resistance and boosting fuel efficiency. This tip is universally applicable, from the smooth-riding Nissan's to every other brand, highlighting the importance of regular tire maintenance.


Cruise Control on Highways

Engaging cruise control on long stretches of road helps maintain a steady speed, lessening engine load and potentially enhancing fuel efficiency. This feature is particularly advantageous for extended journeys in models known for their fuel efficiency, like Subaru's, or in luxury vehicles such as certain Mercedes models renowned for their cruising comfort.


Selecting the Appropriate Fuel

Adhering to your vehicle manufacturer's recommended octane level is crucial for optimal performance. Opting for a higher octane fuel does not automatically equate to better fuel mileage. Always consult your vehicle's manual to determine the best fuel type for your specific model, whether it's a city car or a high-performance vehicle.


Whenever feasible, ease off the accelerator early and allow your vehicle to coast towards a stop. This method is especially useful for cars with automatic transmissions, including various Honda and Nissan models, promoting fuel conservation through strategic driving.


Partner with Supertech Auto

Remember, a well-maintained car is a fuel-efficient car! Regular servicing at Supertech Auto ensures your engine runs smoothly and efficiently. Our certified mechanics are experts in servicing all branded cars and offer services like Subaru service, Mercedes service, Mazda service, Kia service, Nissan service, Honda service.  We can help you identify potential fuel efficiency issues and keep your car running at its peak performance.


By combining these hacks with regular servicing at Supertech Auto, you can improve your car's fuel efficiency and save money at the pump, no matter what brand you drive! So, put these tips into practice, visit Supertech Auto for your next service, and enjoy the ride! To schedule an appointment with us, call us at 1800 06 26 36 today.

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