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Protect your car's warranty and book the next log book service you required for your vehicle at Supertech Automotive. Thomastown’s preferred log book service mechanics.


Having your vehicle serviced with your new car dealer can be unnecessarily expensive and inconvenient. Getting your log boog service completed by a registered local mechanic such as Supertech Automotive will not void your warranty, contrary to you may have heard.


Our mechanics are all fully qualified to the highest standards and supply only genuine parts to suit your vehicle.


How to Book the Right Log Book Service?                                            

Whatever car you have, it's our fundamental duty to take care of it. In that case, you will be looking for reputed licensed car service center to fulfill your service requirement of a car at any top service garage, and you can avail log book service. It will keep track of what kind of service you will have been undertaking earlier, and also it helps further mechanic to figure 


Out the repeated issue in your vehicle and how it can be sorted out. If your regular servicemen are on a day off, log book will help to hand of the same service to another mechanic.


Why is a Log Book Service so Useful?

Freedom of choice regarding the service:


The significant advantage of using log book service allows you to decide the right service for your car. Every vehicle has its unique log book. We can also add needed service to your decision from the service center. The mechanic will perform their job according to a checklist of manufacturer company. If you want valuable care for your car, then this is the right choice.


Price of the services:


Price is the primary factor. It is not about one can pay high or less, its all about how much one can put the right amount on it. Since the money we invest in service from our hard work, so we have complete control over it. If you use log book service, you can attain perfect top to bottom check-up and service at affordable cost. So, this is the right way to save your money, and you can get serviced at a legitimate price.


Maintaining the performance history:


People often fail to notice the importance of maintaining car's performance history record. This creates the issue in many instances, mainly if the owner wants to sell the used car. No one wants a used car without the proper logbook check which acts as a proof of our vehicle performance. This is why its a must to have a log book.


The facts about new car manufacturer warranties are clear


  • Having your log book service done at Supertech Automotive will not void your manufacturer warranty

  • At Supertech Automotive we only use either genuine spare parts or better in some cases

  • We closely follow all log book servicing procedures that are stipulated by your vehicles manufacturer

  • Our staff will fill out all details in your log book correctly, including stamping your log book as proof of regular maintenance.

  • Your car belongs to you, and you can choose who you trust and prefer to service it for you


Keeping your vehicle regularly serviced is not just about maintaining your warranty. Regular servicing also ensures that your vehicle is safe, efficient and is proven to help gain a higher resale value if you decide to sell your car in the future.


To book your next vehicle log book service in the Thomastown area, call Supertech Automotive today. 

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