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MAZDA Service Centre

Whether your Mazda is the perfect car, a stepping stone to something new or just a handy tool to help you manage life’s busy routines, we want it to be reliable. And you should too. Every year, thousands of dollars are lost in repair and breakdown fees because drivers do not keep up with regular servicing.


Make sure you’re not one of them. Book your Mazda in for a service at Supertech Auto. At our car service centre, quality is assured. From the finest parts to the highest quality workmanship and accessories, only the best is good enough. We even use premium oils and greases.


Plus, our mechanics are experienced in working with Mazda vehicles. They can spot developing problems early, well before they turn into costly faults. So, you won’t be at risk of a breakdown. If there are no underlying problems, they’ll check all major components, test the car for safety and get it back on the road within hours.


That’s the Supertech Auto promise. We offer the following Mazda service packages:


Log Book Service – Get your Mazda Log Book stamped (warranty not affected)


Annual Service – Oil filters checked for safety. With an ‘under the bonnet’ inspection.


3 Year Service – Annual service + checks for air filters and brakes


6 Year Service – Annual Service + an extensive ‘under the bonnet’ check


Complete Service – Our most complete Toyota service. Includes every check we offer.


3 in 1 Fuel Injection – Review of fuel efficiency. Helps save money. Increases safety.


If you’re not sure when your Mazda was last serviced (or whether it needs one), the number of miles driven can give you a clue. Generally, vehicles are considered to be in need of a service every year (or 15,000kms), every three years (or 45,000kms) and every six years (or 100,000kms).


Supertech Auto also offers a wide variety of specialist Mazda repairs. If your vehicle has a fault or problem, let our team know. They can find fast, reliable fixes for alternators, starter motors, brake pads, clutches, fuel pumps and much more.


Booking a Mazda service is as easy as receiving one. Call Supertech Auto centre on 1800 06 26 36 to pick a time that suits you. Whether you’ve got a Mazda CX-5, a Tribute or even a 323, there’s no problem we can’t solve.

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