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At Supertech Automotive we understand your team needs reliable vehicles to have them arriving at appointments and workplaces on time. You can’t afford breakdowns or expensive engine problems, so regular servicing is crucial to keeping everyone on the road. Well serviced vehicles also run more efficiently, saving running costs involved with day to day use.


An efficient fleet management system allows a company to reduce spending on fuel, optimize routes, eliminating times misuse of vehicles by employees,
and improve responsiveness to customers, which will be reflecting on improved service quality and customer satisfaction.


These will increase productivity and reduce costs for the fleet. Companies that depend on the performance of their fleets increasingly recognize the advantages of fleet management systems to increase their productivity, but this is an area still on the rise, far from reaching is full maturity.


In simple terms, fleet management is essentially administration of a company's vehicle fleet. The primary purpose of fleet management is to control the overall maintenance and operating cost of a company's fleet of equipment and vehicles. It is also responsible for managing the vehicles so that their life increases,  there will be a growth control in size of the fleet, standardizing the composition of the fleet and planning the budget for replacement and maintenance of cost. The management of fleet involves vehicle tracking, management of ships, mechanical diagnostics, and driver management. Usually, fleet tracking is used by operators of multiple vehicles to track them simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of the work in the process. The fast-tracking process provides real-time information about the fleet's location.

It not only allows the fleet managers to monitor and locate the cars, trucks and other vehicles, it also enables monitoring of route and fuel used.

Moreover, fleet management is known to generate new operational efficacy, improved management of drivers as well as vehicles, better supervision on the security of vehicles and assets, and the system induces confidence in a driver by sharing reports.


We provide efficient mechanical services and maintain log books to protect the warranties of new vehicles. Our work is backed up with generous warranties and we even provide roadside assistance for our fleet managed clients.


Depending on the way you use your vehicles, we can make recommendations to match. We can also take the scheduling of log book servicing to maintain your new car warranties off your hands and send reminders to your team well in advance for scheduled service appointments.


Our fleet management service offers the following benefits:


  • Priority booking service

  • Professionally managed log book servicing

  • The convenience of mobile mechanics

  • Quality workmanship guaranteed

  • Quality spare parts used

  • Competitive prices


Supertech Automotive offers a friendly, professional service that is hard to match and are confident our fleet management service in Melbourne will save your stress and keep your cars performing at a high level.

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