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Our highly trained mechanics at Supertech Automotive can service, repair or even replace your automatic transmission system. This includes for common family vehicles all the way to performance cars too.


We can provide a transmission inspection as part of a regular vehicle service, or if you think you have a specific problem, bring in your car and we can diagnose any issue for you. Once we know how your transmission system is performing, we will provide professional advice about how to repair or replace it.


Some common transmission problems include:


  • Engine slipping gears

  • Distinctive whining noise

  • Transmission fluid leak

  • Car hesitates when gears change

Depending on the issue, we may be able to fix the problem on the same day, or if it is a major issue, parts may have to be ordered to solve the problem.


If you are searching for a reliable mechanic that can provide a comprehensive car service, or want an experienced exhaust mechanic in Melbourne, give us a call and we can arrange a time to inspect your vehicle at a time that suits you.


At Supertech Automotive we can either repair or replace clutches for almost any vehicle you may own. This includes family car clutch repairs through to replacements for trucks or buses or anything in between.

We have access to quality clutch parts including all the brands that will protect your cars warranty if required. Our staff can advise on whether your clutch needs to be adjusted, repaired or in serious cases replaced, and will complete the job for you fast.

Inner city driving in Melbourne is tough on any vehicle. Here are some tips to help maintain your clutch longer

  • Don’t rest your left foot on the clutch pedal while driving

  • Don’t use your clutch to stop rolling backwards on hills

  • Avoid over accelerating, which causes more stop / start driving habits

  • Avoid taking off like you are in a race

  • Don’t use your clutch to save on brakes

There are different parts to your clutch system that may have issues. These include your clutch cable, master cylinder, clutch bearings, flywheel and more. We can provide a thorough clutch inspection for you and fix any problems that are detected.

Some signs you clutch system is beginning to fail include

  • Rough shifting

  • Hard to get into reverse gear

  • Car slipping out of gear

  • Unusual noises such as rattling

  • Burnt smell when you hop out of your car

Whether your car is struggling and you need a clutch repair or you have been told you need a clutch replacement and want a second quote, contact Supertech Automotive in Melbourne today.

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