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Toyota Service


Toyota Service Centre

We know you want the best for your Toyota. Whether it’s clean seats, tread checks, oil changes or filter replacements, your vehicle deserves it. So, don’t let busy routines or hectic schedules get in the way of regular car servicing


At Supertech Auto, we make Toyota services simple and fuss-free. For a fixed charge, we provide an extensive range of maintenance checks and repairs. Every service is handled by a skilled team of car mechanics who are passionate not just about cars, but about your car. 


There’s no need to drive miles to a dedicated Toyota service centre. Let our team give your vehicle the care it needs at a time that suits you. We use only premium parts, oils, greases and accessories, so quality is assured. 


We love to chat. If there’s any part of your car that needs close attention, discuss it with the team. We’ll shape the service to match your Toyota’s needs. Supertech Auto offers the following service packages: 


Log Book Service – Get your Log Book stamped (no risk to warranty) 


Annual Service – Oil filters checked for safety. With an ‘under the bonnet’ inspection. 


3 Year Service – Annual service + checks for air filters and brakes 


6 Year Service – Annual Service + an extensive ‘under the bonnet’ check 


Complete Service – Our most complete Toyota service. Includes every check we offer. 


3 in 1 Fuel Injection – Review of fuel efficiency. Helps save money. Increases safety. 


This is not a comprehensive list of all our checks and services. At Supertech Auto, we also carry out Toyota repairs using high-quality parts and accessories. If you’ve got a problem with your clutch, brakes, radiators, alternators or any parts, we’ll provide a fast, reliable fix. 

While there’s always the option to add extra items to your Toyota service, we offer fixed charge packages for an important reason. We don’t want to give you any surprises. 


Pick a package and that’s what you’ll pay. No add-ons. No unnecessary extras. Just a top-class service to get your Toyota back in shape. 


Call 1800 06 26 36 to book a Toyota service today. Why wait when it’s this easy. 

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