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When it comes to safety, your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. Your break system should be regularly checked and maintained professionally. A brake inspection should be done as part of every service and between servicing they should not be tampered with by unqualified individuals.


Due to the increasing technology in the braking system, brake replacements should also only be done by those with experience and the latest diagnostic and servicing equipment. Similarly, brake repairs should only be attempted by qualified mechanics.


Supertech Automotive brake services include


  • Checking the wear levels on disc brakes and/or brake drum shoes

  • As necessary, replacing front or rear brake pads or brake shoes

  • Inspecting all brake fluid levels

  • All brake system components checked

  • Road testing of your vehicle to test the correct operation of your breaking system

Many of the more common questions we receive are about brake repairs and maintenance and rightly so. They are what brings your car to a stop after all. Here are some of the more common questions and the answers below.


  • How long will my brakes last for? 


The answer to this question will always depend on your driving habits. Depending on how and where you drive the variance can be from fifteen thousand all the way up to seventy thousand kilometres. Some causes of increased brake wear are inner city stop start driving, commonly driving on steep hills, towing heavy loads, frequent sudden braking and more. These situations all add wear and tear to the brake pads.


  •  Why are my brakes squeaky? 


Correct functioning brakes will operate without causing any, or very little noise. Any screeching or clunking noises are a sign of an issue that could become very serious at any time. Such noises are usually cause by poor alignment, excessive wear or other factors. This is a clear sign that you need your brakes repaired or replaced.


  • Why does my car vibrate when I hit the brakes?

If you apply your brakes and feel any kind of shaking, vibrating or similar, then this is also a sign that you need your brakes repaired. This issue could be caused by loose componentry. Vibrating under braking can also be caused by a steering issue.


  • Why do my brakes need to be machined, and what is that? 

Having your brake discs machined (also called brake rotors) should be part of your regular brake service. Your brake discs are what your brake pads clamp down on to stop your car. When there is variation in the thickness of your discs, or other irregularities this can lead to noisy brakes and vibrations as mentioned above. Machining restores an even surface to your discs or rotors.


If you need your car serviced or have a brake issue you want resolved, contact us today.

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