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Mechanics, Car Service Reservoir


A car is a treasured possession, and you cannot entrust it to a person whose qualifications you doubt otherwise it will be in a worse condition than it was before. That is why Supertech Auto has experienced and highly trained personnel who give your vehicle the attention it deserves. The full car service in Reservoir and its surroundings from Supertech Automotive is in a class of its own. We provide our customers with a broad range of services including engine management, fleet management, LPG servicing, and many others.


Aircon regas & Service Reservoir

Your car's air conditioning system, just like any other part, will wear out eventually and it is up to you to ensure that you service it regularly. When you need car air conditioning service, we have a qualified car mechanic check for any faults that may cause it to perform below standards. Usually, the service entails reading the suction line temperature, adding the refrigerant oil up to the required amount and other checks. We also ensure that you stay in good health by replacing filters, cleaning the condenser and sanitizing the system.

Roadside assistance Reservoir

Sometimes you may pull over on the side of the road and forget the keys thereby locking yourself out of your own car. No one wants to stay on the side of the road flagging down other motorists for help. Fortunately, you do not have to be in distress when your car demands that you pull over and ask for help. Supertech Automotive is only a call away and will respond immediately to your request for our roadside assistance. We not only handle whatever problem you have but ensure your vehicle is safe if it needs towing.


So, for how long will you complain about poor car service in Reservoir? Supertech Auto has a team of expert mechanics ready to service your car; all you have do is ask. Call us now on 1800 06 26 36, email us at or simply fill out the form to contact us today.

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