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Mechanics, Car Service Fawkner


A car may look glamorous and run perfectly upon purchase, but a few years down the road, it may not be at its optimal performance if you do not service it regularly. Maintaining your car in a good working condition not only favours your pocket by avoiding costly repairs in the long run, but it also helps to ensure it is safe to be on the road.


The type of mechanic you entrust your car service to will determine how long you will be on the road without an incident, or an accident at worst. Supertech Automotive has a highly-trained team of professional car mechanics to complete all the mechanical repairs your car may need. To stamp on our professionalism, we offer twenty thousand kilometre or twelve-month warranty on all our work. You can, therefore, bring your vehicle if you need a check on your suspension, tyres and steering, test on your car's cooling system and other kinds of routine maintenance.


Aircon Regas & Service Fawkner

You may not control the weather outside, but you can indeed have a say on the temperature and humidity inside your car. With our car air conditioning service, we ensure that your system is in ideal condition through aircon re-gassing, cleaning and replacing filters among other services. We can also fix a broken aircon, whether it is due to a faulty thermostat or leaking.


Roadside Assistance Fawkner

It can be frustrating to have your car suddenly stop, and you must wait on the side of the road for help. Be it a dead battery or you have run out of fuel, whenever you need roadside assistance, you can count on Supertech Automotive to be there when you need us. Also, sometimes the car may fail to start entirely, but we always ensure you get your car safely towed away to a convenient place for you.


Book your request online, or call our team on 1800 06 26 36 for immediate assistance, wherever you may be in Fawkner & nearby suburbs.

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